How Confidence can change 
EVERYTHING for you. 

At 19 I was lost, overwhelmed, and discouraged about my life. 

I just felt defeated and like my life wasn't going the way i had imagined it would 

There was 1 specific night where I sat in my tiny apartment sobbing on my husband's shoulder.

Completely defeated with life. 

It was at that moment that one thought shifted my entire life.

He can't fix your life...
You have to fix your life.

From that moment on I was on a mad woman mission to turn my life around into the healthiest, happiest, and most emotionally secure place I could.

That moment was the breaking point.  

Does this sound like you?

You're feeling stuck.

You have a lot of ideas, but struggle acting on  all of them. 

Sometimes you get a creative boost of energy, but before you know it the energy and motivation is gone. 

And honestly it’s really frustrating because you have the creative vision and the goal.  And you know if you just stuck with it long enough and believed in yourself it would happen.

But they keep getting discouraged, keep self sabotaging, and letting things like doubt and imposter syndrome freeze your progress. 

Secretly on the inside, you're starting to wonder if you are actually capable of doing the things that you want to do?

You might even start to question yourself and wonder if you are failing in life? 

What if it didn't have to be like that?

What if instead of doubting your ideas you could have the full confidence to speak it into existence? 

What if you had the courage and self belief to boldly show up in the way that you’d always imagined for yourself?

What if you started creating that business, or going full force and starting making more money than ever before? 

What if you were bold enough to take massive action without letting doubt slow you down? How would that change your life? How would that bring more experiences to your life and family? 

Would you be able to do the things you’ve been wanting to do? Like take your family on a nicer vacation? 

Would you be able to finally feel satisfied in your work?

How would it feel to finally break free of the fear of judgement from other people and finally step foot into your unique life? 

How freeing would it feel to live like this? 

The truth is, there’s a way to 
start on this path today. 

I'm Sarena, and I want to work 
with you to change your life. 
When I was a kid, I was shy.

In middle school I discovered I liked attention, 
specifically from boys so I started seeking it. But at this, I was not secure in myself. 

When I arrived in high school I sought my validation from relationships. 

And I liked the attention. I had a fling of ridiculous boyfriends of many different types.
 But After a while, I realized something about myself

I was becoming a Chameleon. 
I was adjusting myself to fit in with the people around me.

Right out of high school, I got married at 19.

But I was really disappointed to realize that getting married didn’t solve all my internal problems like I thought it would.

Problems like: 
- The need for validation, 
- Changing myself to fit in with others, 
- Being insecure with myself. 

When I saw myself through that mirror I knew, I had a lot of personal work to do. 
That was when I started looking into confidence for myself. 

From that point on I dove headfirst into confidence to experiment and heal myself. 

After listening to thousands of podcasts, reading hundreds of books, watching every youtube video i could find. Then testing what I’ve been learning on myself and forcing my friends to try too. 

After 4 years of researching and testing everything about confidence. I figured out what it takes to finally feel confident and that’s what I want to share with you

Wait so if confidence were easy. . . 
everyone would have it?
I know you might be thinking...
I feel like some people are born with confidence and I’m just not one of them.
If you feel like you were not born with confidence, I need you to understand that that is a lie. Confidence is not something that some people are born with and born without. Confidence is a skill that can be learned. 

Just like speaking english. When you were a baby you didn’t know very much english. But as you got older you learned and improved. Just like learning a language you must learn how to build and create confidence in your own life.

You don’t believe that you can be confident. 
If they don’t believe that they can be confident then they were going to forever be stuck in this rut. They are going to go their entire life never fully reaching for everything they would or could become.

 The ideas that they have to write a book, start a blog, create a business will never come to life. This will not only hurt them, but it will also hurt other people who could have benefited from their idea. 

Confident people are arrogant. 
This belief is limiting because they have a negative association of what confidence is. So whenever they meet someone their judgements will be guarded. Instead of making friendships with powerful mentors, they would become suspicious. 
It would be like labeling money as bad. 

Or avocados too fatty. Avocados have healthy fat and they are great for us to eat. By looking at confidence as if it is a bad thing they are limiting themselves from ever receiving the benefits in the future.

It sounds interesting... but 
I'm still not sure?
The Confidence Course is different than any other projects that are similar because it takes complex psychology and breaks it down for you into a handful of simple tasks to create confidence fast in your life. 

The Confidence Course is different from other programs and courses like this because we make it seamless. Taking the best and biggest ideas and condensing them into the simplest methods that way you can get results faster. It's effective, it works, and it's easy to understand. 

Here's Some Proof:
Emily Hernandez 
"Before the Confidence Course I was a 
pretty confident person, 
but I was feeling really stuck."
Kayla Irene
"So before I started this course I seriously lacked confidence. I was constantly searching for validation."
Here's How The 
Confidence Course Works...
The Confidence Course is broken down into 6 modules. Within each module you will be introduced a new concept and be provided 5-7 training videos along with worksheets that follow along with each video. The 6 modules inside the course include: 

Module 1 is about creating the foundation of a confident mind. Looking at how you view yourself and how you view the world around you.  

Module 2 teaches on habits, identifying our current habits, finding toxic ones, and replacing them with more empowering habits. We learn about how confident people use habits to create a strong foundation for life.

Module 3 is about friendships. How they influence our levels of confidence, what impact they are leaving on you, how to create healthier friendships in our lives.

Module 4 we talk about your purpose on earth and how what you love and your future job should align together. We work together to create a future vision for your life. so that you can feel empowered knowing that there is a reason why you’re on earth. 

Module 5 is all about visualizing your goals why setting goals is a foundation for confidence. We also teach about how to use a vision board in the process of creating and reaching your goals. 

Module 6 is about how your contribution to the world matters and builds confidence. . This module empowers you to keep staying in your own lane and making the world better. In this module we cover the importance of celebrating ourselves along the way. 
But don't just take my word for it...
Here is what our past students have said about taking The Confidence Course!

Nathaly: "Since I have been in this course I’ve been applying a lot of it to my life and practicing it and a lot of my circle of friends have made comments about this new “fresh attitude” on life that I know have. A friend of mine even said “Wow Nathaly, whatever you’re doing keep it up, because you seem much happier!"

Amanda: "Before I started this course I knew I needed it. I didn’t know exactly in what areas, but I knew something was off. I was launching a new business and I couldn’t let not having confidence and negativity consume me. 

When I talk to people now they are like “Hey you’re radiating confidence. You’re smiling, you love talking about your new business. You just seem so much happier. And I truly am. I am radiating confidence now. I always thought confidence was about looks and it’s really not. I wasn’t feeling that confidence because I didn’t believe in myself and I didn’t believe in my skills. And now I do. And now I know that other people believe in me too." 

It's that simple. Everything you need packaged beautifully inside this course. This is your opportunity to finally experience the shift and change that you have been looking for. 
So get your hands on this course right now. 

Advanced Package: 
  • ​Lifetime access to all Course materials.
  • Access to private Facebook Group with likeminded women.
  • ​100 Self Care Dates Bonus PDF.
  • ​​Downloadable Confidence Workbook PDF. 
  • Six (45 minute) private 1:1 coaching & accountability calls with Sarena. 
One Time Payment Of: $297

Standard Package: 
  • ​Lifetime access to all Course materials.
  • Access to private Facebook Group with likeminded women.
  • ​100 Self Care Dates Bonus PDF.
  • ​​Downloadable Confidence Workbook PDF.
  • ​ 
One Time Payment Of: $47
Try it, 100% Risk Free.
 If you buy the Confidence Course today you get all of the training material and you have 30 days to try it all out for yourself. IF you don't like it, email me within 30 days, show me that you did the worksheets and actually watched the videos. And if it still didn’t provide the results you were looking for, we'll give you your money back.

This is your final chance.

If you can say “YES” to any of these questions, 
I believe you’re perfect for The Confidence Course if: 

- You feel like you’ve been in a rut or in an ongoing cycle in your
   life and you want to break old routines. 
- You are a woman with big ideas that struggles believing in herself 
   enough to communicate her ideas and big visions. 
- You are ready to become the best version of yourself, 
   so that you can show up as the best, boss, mom, partner, and friend in life. 

This Course is NOT for: 
- You’re not willing to put in the work that it takes to change yourself. 
- If you’re not ready to start making massive changes in your life. 
- If you are too lazy to prioritize your personal growth enough to make time for it in your calendar. 
- You stick up for your limitations and justify why you can’t do something.

Advanced Package: 

The Advanced Package: 
This package is for you if you are serious and ready to get intense and FAST results. By working with me privately you are getting exclusive access inside my brain. We can work together to strategize and brainstorm how to approach specific roadblocks to you. 

While we will be working through the same material that is in the Standard package, you will experience a higher level of accountability to get your work done in the course and have someone right next to you along the way to make sure you see results.
  • ​Lifetime access to all Course materials.
  • Access to private Facebook Group with likeminded women.
  • ​100 Self Care Dates Bonus PDF.
  • ​​Downloadable Confidence Workbook PDF. 
  • Six (45 minute) private 1:1 coaching & accountability calls with Sarena. 
One Time Payment Of: $297

Standard Package: 
The Standard Package: 
This package is perfect for you if you are self-motivated and ready to get the show on the road. If you are the type of person that can be handed the directions and you get it done this package is perfect for you. Everything inside the course is roadmapped for you and you can work through the material at your own pace, on your own time. 
  • ​Lifetime access to all Course materials.
  • Access to private Facebook Group with likeminded women.
  • ​100 Self Care Dates Bonus PDF.
  • ​​Downloadable Confidence Workbook PDF.
One Time Payment Of: $47
Q & A: 
What is The Confidence Course?
The Confidence Course is a 6 week online e-course. It is a  "work at your own pace" course. 

What is the expected from me?
Well, this is a 6 week course. So 6 weeks of commitment. And about 1-2 hours a week. 
Each week there will be training videos along with worksheets for each module. 

How do I access the course?
After you purchase the course you will be given login information to your course. 

 How long is the course? 
This course is 6 week long.
But you will have lifetime access to the material

Who should I contact with additional Questions?
If you have any other questions I didn't get to feel free to send me an email at I would love to answer any questions you have. 
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