How To Finally Take 
Charge Of Your Confidence
(So you DON'T have to lose 10 lbs )
Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and defeated by life? 
Or like you're never good enough to get what you want? 
Read this... 
Surely You're Sick And Tired Of Feeling Overwhelmed and Defeated By Life...
Not anymore. 

Introducing: The Confidence Course, 
This is for women you are done apologizing for being themselves 
and who are ready to Chase Their Unique Greatness. 

Lifetime access to All Course materials.
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100 Self Care Dates Bonus
Downloadable Confidence Workbook

My name is Sarena Hess and I am a confidence Coach. 3 years ago, 
I was tired of it. Tired of feeling trapped in my life. Tired 
of getting in my own way and not chasing my own dream.

I became obsessed with understanding why some women "had it all" 
while others didn't. And I learned that this wasn't a unique situation. 
Anyone can create confidence. But no one was starting in the right place. 

 That's why I created the 
The Confidence Course, which is a confidence building program 
for women. This course is going to give you everything you need to 
finally build your self confidence up successfully and consistently. 

I have gathered my best trainings and resources to help you become a 
more confident woman but I need your help. Ironing out all the wrinkles 
for this course takes time. 

Every minute you wait you are stuck in that never ending rut of self doubt and feeling like you're not good enough. 

And right now, you can jump in the group
 for 4 payments of $37.
Save $21, pay in full.

You'll discover how this course is going to help you rebuild your confidence. 
So that you show up better at work, at home, and in life. 
I am sooooo excited to share these techniques and what I've learned over the past 2 years with you. You owe it to yourself to stop tip toeing around life. Stop settling on "OK" or average. It's time to build that confidence muscle sister. 

Here's how it works...
You complete the course and take charge of your life, finally.

* This course is going to save you money in the future from emotional eating or emotional shopping to try and heal those previous hurts. 

* This Course is going to save you so much time because I have done the research. What has taken me YEARS to learn, test, and discover is wrapped up neatly in a little bow. And I want you to take it. Seriously. 

* I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start. I know what it's like to be afraid of failing, afraid of what other people think about you. 

* You will finally have the confidence to chase after your dreams, to show up how you really want to, to walk like you're going somewhere.  
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Emily Hernandez 
"Before the Confidence Course I was a 
pretty confident person, 
but I was feeling really stuck."
Kayla Irene
"So before I started this course I seriously lacked confidence. I was constantly searching for validation."
* When you build up your confidence, think how much better you are going 
to show up for yourself. How you'll follow through on the promises you make 
to yourself. Think about how you will implement your goals and dreams. Think 
about how you will show up for your friends and family. With clear focus and 

* When you you build your confidence up you will finally break the cycle of 
doubting yourself and sitting in fear. 

* Don't you see yourself walking like you're going somewhere? Being brave and 
introducing yourself to others without fear. Chasing after those new goals or 
ambitions without worry of other people's opinions. 
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​Week 1: T- Transform Your Mindset + Belief
  • ​Week 2: H- Harness Habits to Unlock Your Full Potential
  • ​Week 3: R- Recognize Your Friendships + Community 
  • ​​Week 4: I- Identify Your Purpose + Passion 
  • ​Week 5: V- Visualize Your Goals
  • ​Week 6: E- Excel in Confident Growth + Contribution 
Sooo, What's Inside?
- 6 Week Confidence Course. ( $497 Value )
- PDF Confidence Workbook. ( $197 Value )
- Monthly Live Q + A Trainings. ( $99 Value )

Which would equal over $790,
 but I'm only charging 4 payments of $37! 

- 100 Self Care Dates Guide. 
- Secret Facebook Group Community. 
- Lifetime access to updates or this course. 

That's well over $790... 
for 4 payments of $37
Save $21, pay in full.

You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

What are you waiting for?

So, what happens after 6 weeks?
After 6 weeks you will have completed the training. YAY!
After the training has been completed you will gain tangible exercises and activities to bring confidence into your world. You will be equipped to finally chase after your dreams and stop living your life in a rut. 
Is there a guarantee?
Take A Full 30 days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad,
 Money-Back Guarantee If "The Confidence Course" doesn't show me exactly 
how to to get out of my own way,  if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step overcome the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. Or if it fails to help me beating those nasty feelings of overwhelm. Then I understand that I will receive a full refund. No Questions Asked!
What’s next?
You have to apply to be in sister! So go ahead and click the order link 
now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked 
about here and more! Let's get started right now! So click the button below
get get inside the Confidence Course! 
What is The Confidence Course?
The Confidence Course is a 6 week online e-course. It is a  "work at your own pace" course. 

What is the expected from me?
Well, this is a 6 week course. So 6 weeks of commitment. And about 1-2 hours a week. 
Each week there will be training videos along with worksheets for each module. 

How do I access the course?
After you purchase the course you will be given login information to your course. 

What is the benefit The Conf? 
You get to be the very first EVER to see this material. You get lifetime access to future updates of this course, which will be sold at a higher rate. This is the cheapest that this material will ever be found on the interwebs.

 How long is the course? 
This course is 6 week long.
But you will have lifetime access to the material

Who should I contact with additional Questions?
If you have any other questions I didn't get to feel free to send me an email at I would love to answer any questions you have. 
Get Access Now!

P.S. - Every minute you wait makes you stay stuck in that rut of doubt, overwhelm, and worry of the options of others. Take action now, and break the cycle. 
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